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Friday, May 29, 2009
Status: 16/20 (CLOSED)

Our supplier main export markets are North America and Europe, so the lingeries are definitely of certain standard/quality. The designs are the same as shown on the images provided using the same material as well. We order from DIRECT SUPPLIER. Do not worry, this is not our first time preordering from the supplier.

Rules and Regulations
1) Orders are taken in a first pay first serve basis. Strictly no payment = no order
2) We are not responsible for any lost or damage of items or money during shipping as well as if the seller ship us the wrong item. But it is our responsibility to check the orders before we submit it.
3) All refunds will only be done at the END of the preorder
4) No amending of orders after payment is verified.
5) There might be a slight difference from the image due to image and computer resolutions and color varies among different screens.
6) Goods sold are non-exchangable / refundable

By joining this spree, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to
abide by my terms and conditions listed above.

Who do we send our order/inquiry to?

How long do we have to wait for the items after preorder is closed?
Order processing and shipping takes about <= 5 days

Payment to:
POSB Savings Acc 209-03758-0
ATM transfers only if you are inside the cap at time of transfer.

Payment Breakdown:
1) Item price + 5% PayPal fees payable (Not handling fee)
2) Local/International Postage fees + SGD2.24 for REGISTERED mail
(Please note that we do not charge any handling fee)

Shipping Calculation
Flat rate of SGD3 per item

Postage Calculation
Local Postage -SGD1 (Bra & Bikinis), SGD1.50 (All others excluding costumes)
International Postage (Please email us for more details)

Interbank Exchange Rate (as of 30/5/2009)
1USD = 1.49SGD

(Only orders in this format will be taken. Please check through your orders, if
you place a wrong order it will delay the whole preorder process. Thank you for your understanding)

*It is encouraged to indicate ALTERNATE item as stocks tend to get OOS very fast*

Contact No:
Delivery Mode: Meetup/Normal Mail/Registered Mail
Mailing Address:
Local Bank type & Account Number: (please omit dashes)

Item #1
Item Code:
Amount (USD):
Alternate Item Code (Please enter DNB if you do not want an alt item):

Item #2
Item Code:
Amount (USD):
Alternate Item Code (Please enter DNB if you do not want an alt item):

Total Qty:
Total Amount (SGD): (Total price in USD*1.49)*1.05 + (qty*3.00) + Local Postage (Please see Postage Calculation section above for fees) = Total in SGD

Transaction Reference:
iBanking Name:

ATM Funds Transfer
ATM Transfer: Ref, Time and Date: